One on One Class

Mary offers private instruction in The MELT Method, MELT Neurostrength, and other fascia focused techniques at IRG Center for Structural Medicine in Ballard. MELT sequences can be put in a particular order to create a “MELT Map”, which addresses your particular body alignment issues and sets you up for your goal activities. You may also study with Mary as part of the therapeutic services offered at the clinic. These sessions are available only during summer months.

Call the front desk at 206-706-0063, and read more here: Private Study

Special Workshops

Fascia Self Care for Back Pain - Saturday Feb. 2nd, 2019 or Saturday March 9th, 2019
Join us and learn how to release the compression of your spine from your neck to your low back. We will explore the "MELT Map", a sequence of moves from The MELT Method, that enhances your nervous system connections to provide better stability and mobility for your back. The Map also improves pain levels by stimulating the cells in your “neurofascial net”, the body-support tissues. All participants will receive the MELT for Low Back Pain self-treatment map, and a MELT ball. You will be able to do the sequences at home.  $45 | 10am-12pm, Saturday

RSVP to reserve your spot now by calling 206-706-0063 or e-mailing Location: The Structural Medicine Studio in Ballard 2821 NW Market St, Suite H | Seattle, WA 98107

Fascia Self Care

at IRG Center for Structural Medicine

Over the course of three Mondays in February or 3 Wednesdays in March 2019, you will be introduced to the exploding science of fascia and connective tissue, and experience techniques from the MELT Method (with balls and roller); and from mindful movement traditions, that nurture this body-wide network of tissue which houses your nervous system. This small-group sequence of classes will give you time to explore your potential to self-treat pain, restore mobility, and help reset your nervous system for healthy, active living.

Dates: Mondays January 28th, Feb 4th and 11th; or March 6th, 13th and 20th. Cost per class: $20 per class or $50 for the whole course (highly recommended). Time: 5:30 - 6:45pm. Location: The Structural Medicine Studio in Ballard, 2821 NW Market St, Suite H, Seattle WA 98107; RSVP to reserve your spot now by calling 206-706-0063 or e-mailing

Logistics: Please check in and pay in Suite E (IRG Center for Structural Medicine main office) prior to the class. If you have already paid, feel free to head straight to the studio. We accept cards, checks, and exact cash. You may also pay over the phone by calling 206-706-0063.

Bring a yoga mat if you have one! We will have extras for those who do not.

Please note that these classes and workshops are designed to include beginners; however, if you have a severe pain or mobility issue that prevents you from being able to transition from standing to the floor (and vice versa) or from doing most general movements, you will be best served starting with a private consultation with an IRG Center for Structural Medicine therapist. We take Medicare and most major insurance plans; please call 206-706-0063.

NOTE: Balls, roller and bands, where applicable, will be provided for use at all of the above workshops and classes.