Meet Mary


Mary has loved movement all her life. In a photograph taken with her eight siblings and parents, when she was just 2, Mary can be seen on her mother's lap with arms flying in the air as everyone else poses calmly and quietly for the camera. From there it was on to making up theatrical shows with the neighborhood gang, cheerleading and to ballet class, where her true calling was found. 

Mary moved to New York City, turned professional and toured with a dance company, becoming adept at incorporating many systems into her craft to both enhance performance and to recover from the grueling schedule. That capacity, combined with subsequent study as a personal trainer, gives Mary’s work a unique fusion perspective.

Your work with Mary is comprised of techniques and foundational principles from the following educational systems and experience:

  • Movement Specialist, IRG Center for Structural Medicine; Mary works with the Occupational and Physical therapists developing home exercise programming for patient-clients suffering from the affects of motor vehicle accidents, falls, surgeries, and diseases, June 2016 to present, on a limited basis

  • Business owner of The Body Moving LLC, personal training private practice based in Ballard, where Mary worked with a variety of clients with varying goals and capabilities, 2010 to 2017

  • Somatic Movement studies: Hanna Somatics, Feldenkrais, Yoga and Pilates, 1985-present

  • Every Body Biomechanics: a 12-month course with Katy Bowman, biomechanist and author of “Move Your DNA”, 2015

  • Connective Tissue Science: cadaver dissection and webinars with Tom Myers, a leader in the new science of the Connective Tissue System (fascia), 2015 and 2016

  • The MELT Method, Length and MELT Performance: Instructor training programs, 2013 and 2015

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA): personal trainer certification program, 2009

  • Doug Varone and Dancers, founding member, toured and taught modern dance internationally, 1986-1993

  • BFA in Dance from York University in Toronto, a rigorous conservatory program in addition to full Bachelor’s requirements, 1982

  • Modern Dance: 17 years of training, from her hometown studio to York University in Toronto to studying with master teachers during 10 years in NYC, while performing world-wide, and teaching technique at the university level (including SUNY Purchase, NYU, The Ohio State University), 1976-1993; also Guest Faculty at both Cornish College and University of Washington locally, on occasion, from 1999-2016

  • Ballet: 15 years of training at York University and in NYC, 1978-1993

Mary lives in Seattle with her husband, having recently launched 2 young adult sons! She enjoys reading, traveling, long walks, short runs, and spending hours noodling around, looking for new ways to enhance her health and longevity, and that of her clients, through mindful movement.