Hello and welcome to The Body Moving. I am Mary Slater and I invite you to read about my work, built on 30 years of experience watching and working with bodies in motion. 

Bodies in pain and discomfort, or bodies that don't move as well as they used to need a Reset in nervous system connections that allow for fluid movement. My movement teaching provides guidance to help you Recover from repetitive daily habits, heavy exercise or injury.  The repetition of exercise movements and loads, static postures held for too long, as in sitting, and the demands of repeated work tasks, all create forces that can compress your body and create tension throughout your structure. This leads to diminished power, reduced range of motion and pain. I can help you do something about it. 

My services are available only at IRG Center for Structural Medicine at 2821 NW Market Street in Ballard (next to the Ballard Locks) and on a limited basis. Please call the front desk for an appointment at 206-706-0063.

Mary’s unique blend of techniques restores deep support, resiliency and natural-born strength you can build on. You’ll feel energized, but also like you just had a massage!
— Teresa Chikoore, Owner Pilates into Life

Meet Mary

Mary holds a B.F.A. in Dance from York University in Toronto, and is a founding member of Doug Varone and Dancers based in NYC with whom she performed and taught internationally. She is a National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Personal Trainer, Advanced MELT Method Instructor, and Movement Specialist at IRG Center for Structural Medicine.  Read more.....


About Mary’s Methods

Mary’s training to become a professional dancer was extensive. She was exposed to everything from jazz technique to ballet to all forms of modern dance to Japanese Butoh. This training culminated in critical acclaim and years in Guest Faculty positions in some of the best dance programs in the country. Her career in performing arts along with her BFA in Dance, NSCA certification, MELT Method instructor training and her work as a Movement Specialist at IRG Center for Structural Medicine, all inform the work you will experience at the clinic, either as a private pay client or a therapy patient. Learn more....

Take a Class or Workshop

Studying with Mary you will learn how to assess the tension in your system and you will become expert at simple, mindful practices that can help you decompress to begin or end your favorite activities: gardening, epic bike rides or runs, your heavy lifting sessions at your gym. You can also use what you learn to build a stronger Pilates or Yoga practice, improve your running, or to re-energize and recover from your day of sitting at work. All current class listings can be found here.

Study Privately

Mary is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and has an accomplished background that began with hours of training, which led to a critically acclaimed career in the performing arts, followed by many years as an educator at universities and dance programs all over the world.  After dancing Mary pursued the NSCA certification, The MELT Method Instructor Training and MELT Performance, TRX Suspension Training Course, and many others. You will experience a blend in your personal training sessions. Check it out....